Who We Are

It is our belief that real spiritual growth is never an isolated, individualistic pursuit, but rather, something produced through relationships and community. A journey is always better when it is shared, therefore it is our desire to create an atmosphere where relationships are more important than ritual.
We are a church made up of single, divorced, married, widowed and um . . . looking. We are bankers, delivery folks, teachers, programmers, and brace yourself, some of us even sell cars. We cry, but we also laugh a lot and sometimes get downright silly. Who are we? Believe it or not, we are the Church. Jesus made it clear that church is for everyone and not just a select few. It is for people just like you and that is why I would like to invite you to come check us out. You will see that we are a group of people seeking answers to common questions about life; people seeking a safe environment that is accepting and kind; people seeking meaningful friendships; people seeking to discover truth and how to apply it to our lives in a practical way. In whatever we do, we seek to Share Hope and Share Life with all who walk through our doors and with our community.
We have programs and activities for all ages and life situations so take your time to puruse our site. We genuinely want to be able to make you feel a part of the Willow Oak Family so if you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.
If you are in Mulberry or one of the surrounding communities, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come check us out. You will not find a friendlier church around.