Life has a way of creating anxious moments. It might be waiting for the results of an exam. It might come from rumors of layoffs at work. It could be as simple as your pay check will not get you through the month.
The Root of Anxiety
My wife and I once felt anxiety like this. We desperately wanted to have children. We had been married for four years before our first daughter was born. We wanted another child and were excited that my wife was pregnant again.
Unfortunately, something went wrong and she endured a miscarriage. More miscarriages followed. Soon we were not excited about pregnancy. We felt anxious, afraid and overwhelmed each time she became pregnant. That anxiety crept into every area of our lives.
How to Deal With Anxiety
Life creates many anxious moments. But when the pressures of life continually increase, you may feel anxious all of the time. The pressure can be so great that you wonder if you will be able to carry the load of anxiety even one step further.
There is Hope!
You can find relief from the anxiety that controls you. It may not be easy to see right now, but anxiety does not need to rule your life. My wife and I brought our fears and concerns to God. Jesus Christ gave us peace. In the Bible, the Apostle Peter gives those of us who battle anxiety great hope. He tells us ?Cast your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.? (1 Peter5:7)
Knowing that God cares for us and that He can lift us out of our anxiety is life-changing. My wife and I learned to bring our worries and fears to Jesus each day. When she became pregnant again, we brought our anxieties to Jesus every time they arose. Before long, our first son was born, healthy and full of life! Best of all, because we brought our anxiety to Jesus, You can overcome anxiety.
You can overcome anxiety. Begin by taking your problems to Jesus knowing that He cares for you. Ask Him to become Lord of your life and take away the pain of wrong decisions. Ask Him for new life and to help you live without fear. It may take time, but remember that Jesus loves you and can help you live without anxiety.
Pray with me:
Dear Jesus, I feel so anxious about my life. I am tired of thinking about everything going wrong. I need to change the way I live and think. Please forgive me for the wrong things I have done. I want You to be My Lord and Savior. Help me make a new start in life. Please take my anxiety and help me discover peace that comes from knowing You. In Jesus’ name, Amen!
If you prayed that prayer, connect with us and let us know you…