Daily Devotions

 Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish Last
Devotional Scripture: Genesis 13:14
Central Thought: While it can be costly to take a stand for what’s right, your life will be blessed in the long run.
Did you ever feel like you got the worst end of a deal? Most of us have at one time or another. One can’t help but wonder if Abram felt that way when his nephew Lot looked toward the lush, green, well-watered plains of Jordan and chose them, leaving Abram the barren land toward Canaan. That was Abram’s ‘reward? for taking the initiative to settle a growing dispute.
Taking a stand for what’s right doesn’t always mean that things will turn out right. People who have refused to be dishonest or to take unfair advantage of a situation have lost their jobs, been passed over for promotions, and experienced other injustices. Although it’s not always immediate or apparent, God has a way of rewarding a person for having the courage to take a stand for what’s right.
This was true for Abram. He chose to be a peacemaker by allowing Lot to select his own tract of land. Even though Lot seemed to be getting the better end of the deal, God had other plans. First, He spoke to Abram and renewed the promise He had made to him in the beginning. Next, He blessed Abram materially. God was going to give him and his heirs all the land he could see and walk over. Along with that, He promised Abram an inheritance of offspring that would change the world. Abram lived a life of blessing as a result.
Remember that the world rewards both good and bad actions. God rewards only the good. Taking a stand for what’s right may cause hardship and suffering temporarily, but God’s blessing is often just around the corner. Do nice people always finish last? Definitely not if they are on God’s side!

Devotional Prayer: God, when I have been wronged for doing right, help me to trust your plan, knowing that you will take care of me as you did with Abram.

Today’s Bible Reading: Genesis 13:5-15:21; Matthew 5:27-48; Psalm 6:1-10; Proverbs 1:29-33