KIDS Church

Does God have a sister? Does He like spinach?
Don’t you just love kids? They ask some of the most interesting questions. Well, God loves kids and so do we! We love their wide-eyed wonder and seek to answer their questions and growing curiosity with genuine interest.
Every weekend we endeavor to teach our children Godly values at an age-appropriate level through fun music, games, puppets, multi-media, and interactive activities with the help of committed and loving volunteers. KIDS Church takes place every Sunday morning at 10am. While you’re participating in the adult morning worship service, your children are in their own worship service.
We do our best to make your child’s experience at church one of their favorite times of the week.
Our purpose is to partner with parents in laying the spiritual foundation that will lead our children to come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord, to provide a loving and safe environment at church for our children, and to provide the resources that will help our children continue to grow to be more like Jesus.
At Willow Oak Assembly of God we take the safety and protection of our children serious. We have strict Policy and Procedures regarding our workers and volunteers to insure the welfare of your children.