53Shame is a powerful master! Shame makes us afraid. Shame makes it difficult to move forward in our lives. When we feel shame, life loses all joy and becomes a hopeless struggle.

Ending Shame

Dealing with Shame
Recently, a politician was named in a corruption scandal. His reputation was ruined and he felt great shame. He took his own life, thinking that his death would free his family from the shame he created.

Suicide is not an answer to shame! Instead it only creates more hurt. God understands that as people, that many of our actions often cause us to feel shame. Shame can be caused by wrong actions that the Bible calls “sin.” Sin destroys everything it touches and leaves us feeling empty and alone.

When we sin, we feel great shame and pain in ourselves, our families and God Himself. Sin causes shame and the penalty for sin is death.

God understands the shame problem. He sent His only Son into the world to solve that problem for us. Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sins and released us from our shame once and for all. When Jesus died on the cross, He cancelled our sin debts and made forgiveness for each of us possible.

Then God did an even greater miracle and raised Christ from the dead!

The Shame Solution

Jesus wants to walk life’s journey with us. He will help us out of the problems we create and keep us in good relationship with God our Father. Once you choose to live for Jesus, you can fulfill your family obligations as a son or daughter and serve your new master Jesus.

Jesus will walk with you and guide you through life’s journey so that you can thrive in this life and enjoy the promise of eternal life.

It begins with a prayer:

“Dear Jesus, I admit that I have shamed myself, my family and You. I need forgiveness from the wrong things I have done. I choose to make You Lord of my life. Please help me discover joy and the freedom to live without shame as I learn to live for you. Guide me through life’s journey and let me bring honor to Your name. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!”

If you prayed that prayer, connect with us and let us know you…