Women’s Ministries

Women’s Ministries is an opportunity for our local church to touch the lives of women by the power of Jesus Christ through outreach, Ministry Groups, and discipleship. Through this exciting ministry, Christian women are touching the world in varied and creative ways. They are reaching beyond personal interests and comfort zones to embrace women of all ages, races, professions, and social standings. They are building an environment for women to mentor women
Women’s Ministries is a place where women can learn, practice biblical love, and feel God’s love in a very real way. As you take a moment to observe the women in our church, consider what you see. You will likely notice women sitting alone, women sitting with their husbands and children, women sitting with friends, and women in the choir.
You will see women of all ages: some may be single and some married. Others may be widowed or divorced. They come from different backgrounds. Within the mix you may notice businesswomen, college students, professionals, homemakers, politicians, and retirees. But every one of them shares a common need: to personally know and be known by the Master. If you are a woman, our hope is that you will come and experience the love, acceptance, and esteem from the women of Willow Oak Assembly of God.