JESUS teaches us to be

...and that is exactly what we seek to live out here at WOAG. As Christ grew His ministry, he surrounded himself with a team of Disciples who each performed their own work in the ministry. Teamwork makes the dream work. Our church is alive, and half of all our attendees are either volunteers or serve in one or multiple arms of ministry as God calls them. We have Sunday School teachers in every age group, Kid's Church volunteers, Royal Ranger Commanders, Girl's Ministries Sponsors, Small Group leaders, Youth Group leaders, a Community Outreach Team, Evangelism Teams, Transportation Team members, Worship Team musicians, Audio / Video Tech volunteers and so much more! Below is just a small sampling of the leaders that make the ministry happen.


Pastors, Staff, and Ministry Success Partners

Dr. Scott A. Pfingston

Lead Pastor, all-around great guy

Pastor Scott has been the Lead Pastor at WOAG for 19 years. He loves this church and anyone close to him knows he's a kid at heart. Pastor Scott holds multiple degrees and has traveled to nearly 60 countries! 

Kimberly Pfingston

Church Secretary, Nursery Dir, Worship Dir, Ministry Success Partner

Our Worship Director Kim is also our church Secretary and wife to Pastor Scott. She has raised 2 fantastic children and continues to raise Pastor Scott. Mrs. Kim has a heart of gold and often you will find her serving in the Nursery and loving on kids. 

David Hancock

Executive Administrator, Royal Rangers Dir, Ministry Success Partner

David serves on staff as our Executive Administrator and is a member of the Pastor's Council. Commander Dave is also the Outpost Coordinator for the Royal Rangers program here at WOAG. It is not uncommon to see him teaching fire craft in camo one week while helping with tech or audio the next. He also serves on the Worship Team.

Natalie Hancock

Bookkeeper, Safety Team, Nursery Volunteer

Natalie helps the Church’s administrative team and applies years of bookkeeping knowledge to the benefit of our Membership. Not only that, she loves children and also assists in the Nursery on Sundays while serving as a Van Driver on Wednesdays. Natalie serves on the Pastor's Council as well as the Safety Team

Pastors Robert & Liz Gonzalez

Youth Pastor Team, Evangelism Team, Ministry Success Partners

This couple has been such a blessing to our future church, our Youth Group! Robert and Liz can connect on a real level with passionate teaching from a down-to-earth perspective. The Youth Group they lead is fun, exciting, and Christ-centered.

Coming Soon!

Kid's Church Director, Ministry Success Partner

Are you passionate about Christian Education and pouring into the lives of kids? We would love to connect and discuss a partnership in doing Kingdom Work! 

Cindy Reichert

Sunday School Dir, Worship Team, Ministry Success Partner

Mrs. Cindy has a strong desire to serve and helps to direct our Sunday School Department, keeping more than a handful of classes ranging from toddler to senior adults stocked with materials and well-supported. Cindy also serves on the Worship Team as a vocalist.

Courtney Taylor

Girl's Ministry Dir, VBS Dir, Ministry Success Partner

Courtney, during the day, is a mild-mannered school teacher. Here at WOAG, we know her as the fun leader of both Girl’s Ministries and VBS! Courtney’s bubbly personality, colorful lesson plans, and creativity make her a great fit as a leader.

Janda Smith

Transportation Dir, Worship Team, Ministry Success Partner

Janda is one of those “never met a stranger” kinda people who you might see ministering in the surrounding community while keeping our Transportation ministry truckin' on down the road. Each week between Sunday and Wednesday, we pickup and drop off tons of kids safely and securely thanks to our Transport Team. Janda also serves faithfully as Girl's Ministry Sponsor and vocalist on the Worship Team.

Dr. Bill McDonald, Phd

Pastoral Counselor, ABBA Counseling Services

Dr. Bill has served in the role of Pastoral Counselor in numerous locations in Central Florida, and has met with thousands of clients over the past 30 years. He has completed bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in his field. He loves and cares for his clients, and his greatest desire is that they achieve their highest potential.